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With your help, we can continue to provide an enhanced level of service throughout Downtown Cincinnati.

As a Downtown Supporter, you help elevate the level of services provided to Downtown Cincinnati workers, merchants, residents and visitors, and support a vibrant city center.

With your help, we can continue to provide an enhanced level of service in three main areas:

GeneroCity 513 – Helping those who are experiencing homelessness or panhandling, and connecting them to services such as mental health and addiction treatment, housing assistance and other needs. Learn more about this program at

Beautification – Enhancing the appearance of Downtown Cincinnati through colorful murals, greenspace improvements and other projects to help beautify the streetscape in the urban core.

Downtown Events – Activating public spaces to create vibrancy and support Downtown businesses with increased foot traffic and visibility.

Downtown Cincinnati is the heart of our entire region, bringing people from all walks of life together to experience all of the great shopping, dining and other attractions that make this community unique. Your contribution is crucial in supporting our continued efforts to making Downtown Cincinnati a clean, safe and welcoming neighborhood for residents, property owners, and visitors alike.


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